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 Grievances Redressal Cell

Dr. S. Sankar Sekar
Principal Convenor
Mrs.D.Angeline Thirumarai Selvi Vice Principal Secretary
Mrs.A.C.Vijayanalini Asst. Professor Coordinator
G.Sathiyaraj Student Member
K.Thirunavukkarasu Student Member

   Any organized system is bound to develop defects, inadequacies or infractions that need redress. This is true of educational institutions too, where large number young people coexist.

  • The Grievance Redressal Cell actively engages in solving the problems of the students /staff
  • Quick and consistent actions are taken to find lasting solutions
  • Suggestion boxes are kept in each floor and at the office room, principal's room, library, resource centers.
  • Feed back are collected regularly, discussed and acted up on